Use two Social Media Accounts in same App with Samsung Galaxy J7

Galaxy J7 Dual messenger
Image Source: Gizbot

In the ever expanding world of social media, people now are not content with just one social media account but prefer to have a presence on many social media platforms.

If you have ever longed to use more than one accounts on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp etc. and are a Samsung lover, then brace yourself as the new Galaxy J7 (2017) let people use two accounts in social networking applications.

Previously, the smartphone brand made this possible with the help of a secure folder but now with just enabling the right settings, we can utilize this feature with ease.

The smartphone has a feature called “Dual Messenger” that can download a separate copy of the application where the user can see two different shortcuts of the same social media app in the app drawer. Thus, the user can fire up their favorite app without any hassle and enjoy the seamless networking experience.

if you own a Galaxy J7,  you can find Dual Messenger in the Settings » Advanced features menu, where you have to enable this feature for the app of your liking.

One of the best things about this feature is that the phone treats the two instances as individual apps, thus, you can the same app with different accounts at the same time in Multi Window mode.

It is not yet clear whether Samsung will offer this feature in Galaxy J7 (2017) only or the other smartphones will also provide Dual Messenger.

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