Uber and Snapchat can help you find your friend & roll out exclusive filters

Uber and Snapchat


Who says ride-sharing can’t be fun? Uber after the launch of its new interface a few months ago is back with the integration of Snapchat, a popular image messaging and multimedia application. The new update also has the ability to put your contacts as your Uber destination.

Uber and Snapchat filters

The idea is to make the ride more fun for the customers where they can use Snapchat without leaving the Uber app. The users can unlock custom Uber filters and let their story show what they are doing right now.

How to use the new updates?

Using the new update is no rocket science and is pretty easy. If you already have an account with the Uber app, you will see a Snap card in your Uber feed. From the card, you can choose a filter, take a selfie and then swipe right, without constantly leaving the app.

Also, The car sharing company has realized our need for getting to the one person we want to see and has thus, introduced a feature which can make the phone contacts into the Uber destination. Instead, of wandering around here and there try to find the person you want to meet, the car ride company will take you there.

Uber friend as destination

To use this feature, the user has to sync their contacts to the Uber app. When booking the car ride with the application,  one has to enter the name of the person they’re trying to meet instead of the location. The contact will receive a notification for them to indicate their specified location to the application and they will also get updates of your trip, just like sharing the cars’ ETA with a friend.

With this new partnership, Snapchat aims to fire back at their competitors like Facebook who are introducing updates to battle the picture texting application. Using the new features, one can always make sure that they can see their friends when you really need them. The update is slowly rolling out to users, so just wait if it’s not there with you yet.

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