Uber announces affordable Rickshaw taxi service, UberAuto

uberAuto in Pakistan

Uber, the online ride-hailing service, seems to have understood well the local transportation needs of Pakistani. After a successful car taxi service, it has decided to bring onboard those passengers who can’t afford an expensive car ride. Soon the people will have the option to call an Uber Rickshaw. UberAuto, that’s what Uber calls it, will start from Lahore first and then reach Islamabad and other major cities of Pakistan. It ‘s not hard to guess that UberAuto service will provide cheaper rides as compared to the traditional rickshaws.

With this new service, you will get rid of signaling the rickshaws on the streets to stop. Moreover, you will enjoy the best rates for your ride.

UberAuto will make it easier for you to book a rickshaw quickly. Soon, an option will be provided in Uber Pakistan app for the people to book the rickshaws.

It is important to mention that Travly is already offering the rickshaw booking service in Pakistan. With the launch of uberAuto, there is a chance that the competition will be increased in the area of ride-booking services.

Presently, Uber has not officially announced the prices of UberAuto, but we can expect the company to update the prices on its website in a few days.

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A lot of people in Pakistan depend on rickshaws for commuting. Even after the launch of the Metro bus service, some people still prefer rickshaws. We can expect that uberAuto will become a successful service in Pakistan.


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