Uber, Facebook and others thrash Donald Trump’s Muslim travel ban

Silicon Valley is fighting against Donald Trump's travel ban

Current US President, Donald Trump is hitting the tech industry where it would actually hurt, skilled labor force. But the Silicon Valley is far from silent as it is prepping up to fight back.

Tech giants including Amazon, Google, Uber, Snap, Facebook and more than 150 tech companies have asked a federal court to abolish the President’s recent travel ban that prevents citizens of various Muslime countries to enter the United States.

According to the submitted documents, the tech companies are of the view that this executive order would rather do more harm than good. This move has restrained the companies to hire competitively and thus would eventually force them to move out of the country for their business.

In another recent twist, Donal trump has signed an executive order which called for reforms in the H-1B work visa program. The US President has mostly been found confused about what kind of reforms he wants in the immigration policy as he has an inconsistent history when it comes to H-1B visa program.

H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa which allows US employers to recruit and employ foreign labor in specialty occupations. These permits allow the professionals to stay and work in the USA for a specified period.

Previously the tech workers also rallied forces and refused to help Donald Trump with a Mulsim registry. Hundreds of software engineers, chief technology officers, Web developers, and others from Google, Apple, Microsoft, and other companies signed a petition where they refused to lend their expertise to such projects.

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