Uber is going to provide an insurance to all driver-partners including rickshaws, motorcycles, and cars across Pakistan. They will be covered for emergency medical treatments as part of ‘Injury Protection’ in partnership with Chubb Insurance.

Not only the drivers but all the passengers will be covered by the injury protection insurance.

Uber will fund the premiums to insurance company solely with no cost to driver or passenger. Both will be having peace of mind as they will be protected from the financial cost of injury, including medical expenses and lost earning opportunities.

The only condition is that driver should be at the ride with Uber at the time of an accident.

Uber introduced Bike-Hailing Service, UberMOTO earlier in March, this year. Insurance will also cover bike riders, it’s appreciable considering the road safety issues with bikes in Pakistan.

Uber driver-partners are automatically enrolled to Uber insurance via an in-app message; from the moment they accept a trip or delivery request while driving to pick up a rider or on the way to a restaurant, and until the trip ends or delivery is completed.

“We are excited to have developed a leading insurance product for the ride-sharing industry here in Pakistan.” Stated by Pierre Dimitri Gore Coty, Head of Uber for Europe Middle East and Africa.

“This collaboration with Uber to provide driver-partners with an innovative insurance product is part of our commitment to supporting efforts around digital transformation and providing consumers with peace of mind in emerging markets,” said Giles Ward, Regional President for Eurasia & Africa at Chubb Insurance.

Uber Insurance covers all eligible driver-partners in Pakistan for major costs resulting from accidents or injuries that occur on a trip up to certain limits. The limit is not specified by the company.

Injury Protection starts from 1st August 2018 and will instantly cover more than 50,000 active independent Uber driver-partners across Pakistan.