Uber Pakistan

After the success in Lahore and the recent launch in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Uber is now launching in Hyderabad on May 4. The taxi service launched in Islamabad and Rawalpindi last month and the recent expansion to Hyderabad means, the taxi-hailing service is planning to expand quickly.

The cab market of Islamabad and Rawalpindi was previously dominated by Careem, the UAE-based ride-sharing company. Uber will likely offer free rides to the citizens of Hyderabad as it always does when it launches in new cities.

Uber reduced its prices by 20% for Lahore and Karachi as the company hopes for an increase in the number of trips with the reduction of rates. Careem, following suit, reduced its fares as well, after the company appointed Wasim Akram as an honorary CEO. Both Uber and Careem want to offer the cheapest rides to their consumers, and while that is all good, drivers are frustrated over the constant fare reduction.

If you’ve still not enjoyed the services, you can get a free first ride by using the promo codes: GOLAHORE or GOKARACHI. Moreover, if you’re a driver and want to join Uber or Careem, you can sign up via an easy procedure. 

The taxi service business is a growing day by day in Pakistan and a local competitor has also entered the market. Another factor to consider when commenting on the success of cab services in Pakistan is that 70 percent of the citizens use a feature phone which means a huge chunk of the market is still untapped.


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