Uber Movement service

Tired of getting stuck in traffic? Unsure when and where the cars are jam packed, or the authorities have placed roadblock? Well, Uber has heard your whining and complaints and has launched Uber Movement. Uber launched its latest venture yesterday which is built to provide third parties with access to data from all of the trips undertaken on its platform.

Uber Movement built by a team of about 10 engineers over the past nine months, will provide aggregated traffic data to its users. The service now offers data for Manila, Sydney, and Washington, DC and will add more cities before it launches the service to the general public in mid-February.

The company is building the data on the basis of billions of rides Uber has completed. Right now, it’s limited for the use of city officials and selected planning agencies and researchers. Uber Movement enables users to track car travel times between any two points in a city at any time making it pretty helpful to plan the trip.

Uber Movement dataUber has lately introduced many new features to its service and also UberAuto in Pakistan and continues to bring new services for users. The company through Uber Movement aims to provide detailed historical insights to the city officials thus making it possible to measure the impact of road improvements, major events, new transit lines, etc. Also according to Uber’s website, Uber movement aims to help planners and policymakers by conducting complex analysis on transportation patterns allows for better decision making around future infrastructure investments.

Privacy Concerns

The availability of data to everyone is sure to create privacy concerns as it will be generated from the information gathered from users. The company has ensured that it will be only offering up data where it can be successfully aggregated and anonymized. Uber says that for different parts of a city where it the company determines there isn’t enough data to properly protect driver and passenger identities, it simply won’t return results for queries.


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