Uber slashes Fares for Lahore and Karachi by 20%

Uber slashes lahore and karachi fares

Are you an avid Uber rider? Then there is good news for you as the cab-hailing company has slashed its prices once again.

Uber has reduced its prices by 20% in Lahore and Karachi from today i.e. 6th April 2017. According to Uber’s press statement, the company is hoping to increase the number of trips with the reduction in rates, the statement read:

“Over the years, we’ve learned that the single most effective way to help driver-partners get more trips is to reduce prices for riders.”

New UberGO fares

The company previously charged; Rs. 100 base price, Rs. 6.84 per KM, Rs. 3.15 per minute, Rs. 150 cancellation fee and Rs. 150 minimum charge for a single ride.

Now the new fares are:

  • Rs. 80 Base Price
  • Rs. 5.59 per KM
  • Rs. 2.50 per minute
  • Rs. 120 minimum charge for a single ride
  • Rs. 120 cancellation fee

Anyone who hasn’t tried Uber ever, they can get the first free ride with promo code: GOLAHORE or GOKARACHI. People who wish to join the company as drivers also can sign up by following easy an procedure.


The company is also introducing its premium service- UberX in Pakistan from today. This service will provide business class experience to its users and in affordable prices of course.

The prices for the new service are:

  • Rs. 110 Base Price
  • Rs. 8.7 per KM
  • Rs. 3.15 per minute for Lahore, Rs. 2.50 for Karachi
  • Rs. 150 minimum charge for a single ride
  • Rs. 170 cancellation fee

In their premium service, uber will offer a high-end sedan like Honda Civic, Honda City, Toyota Corolla or Toyota Prius.

The taxi business is catching fire in Pakistan where now there is a company, mLift that offers the same service to feature phone users. Uber through this effort looks to provide more riders and in turn more business to the partners/drivers.

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