Uber will soon require you to enter destination before requesting a ride

Uber app new service

The online car booking service Uber has announced that it will soon require the user to enter the destination before requesting a ride. According to the company, entering the destination ahead of the time makes it easier to book a trip, and the users would not have to explain their destinations to the driver.

“When you request an Uber ride, we aim to bring you a smooth and seamless experience, from the minute you request a ride until you arrive at your destination. To optimise efficiency and reduce the time it takes for you to get picked up, even more, partner-driver are now able to receive requests as they complete their current trip. To make this possible, you will soon be required to enter your destination when seeking a ride,” Uber announced in a blog post.

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Entering the destination before requesting a ride, would make it easy for the driver to reach that location just by following the directions from the Global Positioning System (GPS). Recently, this car booking service has also announced a VIP program for its users in Pakistan.

What is the new way to book a ride on Uber?

  1. Open your Uber app
  2. Select your preferred vehicle type
  3. Enter your destination in the text field, or choose one of your favourite points
  4. You’ll be notified if your driver is completing a nearby trip and will see your estimated pickup time.

All the existing users of this app will be able to book the rides by following this method. Last month, the company announced a new service with the name “UberAuto,” which lets the people book rickshaws right from the app.

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