UET Teachers sent abroad on scholarships have not come back even after a year

UET Teachers

The teachers at the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore, who had not completed their Ph.D. were sent abroad for the purpose of the study. Twenty-one teachers who were sent abroad for the completion of the Ph.D. have not joined the university back even after one year.

According to the details as reported by the City42, Higher Education Commission (HEC)  and University of Engineering and Technology (UET) granted the funds to the teachers to study abroad and complete their Ph.D.

Under the Faculty Development Programme, launched in the collaboration of HEC and UET, the teachers were sent abroad on the scholarship. Despite the fact that most of these teachers have completed their Ph.D., the teachers did not come back to Pakistan.

On the other hand, the university is not taking any kind of action against them according to the terms and conditions of the programme. So far, only a warning letter has been sent to these teachers.

In the terms and conditions of the Faculty Development Programme, it was mentioned that the teacher would be fired from his job if he did any unlawful act and his surety bond would also be confiscated. But the university has not taken any action.

Five teachers of Mathematics, one teacher of Chemistry, Nine teachers of Chemical Engineering, four teachers of Meteorological Material Engineering, one from Humanitarian, five from Physics department, Six teachers of Architectural Engineering and Social Sciences, and one teacher of Environmental Engineering are among the teachers who have not come back to the country.

The university has also not provided with the complete list to the Higher Education Commission.

When contacted, the registrar UET did not give any information on the matter. Some 25 crore rupees were granted by HEC and UET to these teachers.

According to the rule, the teachers were to get admission in the world’s best universities, and all of their expenditures were to be afforded by HEC and UET.

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