Rashid-Khan-Ufone CEO

It was not long ago when Ufone had its top management changed back in February 2016, and now as the 14th August approaches, Ufone is undergoing another change.

The foreign CEO, Rainer Rathgeber who had joined the company after replacing Abdul Aziz some 18 months ago has left the company.

Our sources have confirmed that Rashid Khan, previously a Mobilinker and a Ufone board member is going to take charge from next week after 14th August.

An official spokesperson of the Ministry of IT&T Saghir Wattoo has confirmed that the Rainer had his tenure completed, and the board has taken charge of matters.

“Rainer Rathgeber’s tenure has been expired. He had joined the Ufone for a period of one year and later his period was extended to another six months”, the spokesperson told More News.

“Mr. Rashid Khan is the new temporary CEO of the company for a period of 3 to 6 months, and during this period he will restructure the company as per guidance from the board”, the spokesperson confirmed.

Ufone which is sitting at number four position with 18 million cellular subscribers and 4.9 million 3G customers under its belt has been facing tough competition from much stronger rivals who are equipped with 4G technology.

Despite all odds and instead of getting eaten up entirely, the company has tried to sustain with the help of cost cutting measures and improving products like Supercard which is responsible for some 40% of Ufone’s revenue; and upgrading its limited 3G technology.

Only the coming days will confirm what kind of changes Ufone will undergo.

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