Ufone CEO Abdul Aziz

CEO and President of Ufone has been replaced. According to the details that we received from the company, Etisalat board has approved the appointment of new CEO and Rainer Rathgeber as the new head of the telecom company.

Mr. Abdul Aziz has been the CEO of the company for over nine years starting in 2007. In his tenure as the CEO, he has transformed Ufone from a once ailing organization to a thriving, progressive and successful venture. He has spearheaded the telco through different challenges during his tenure spending over nine years successfully.

During his tenure, he has been successful in navigating the organization during turbulent, socio and political conditions in the country. He is respected in the Telecommunication industry and looked up to as the opinion leader.

Mr. Aziz was part of the team that launched the company back in 2001 as the second GSM service provider in the country and played a major role in the initial success of the company. He rejoined as President & CEO in December 2007 and has been serving in the position till date.

He was nominated for the CEO of the Year Award 2011 by Asia Communication Awards (ACA)’ committee.

Ufone ranked as the third largest telecom operator in Pakistan during this period. Mr. Rainer will be joining Ufone as per the approval of the board meeting held today.


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