Pakistan is celebrating its 70th Independence Day this year and to mark this occasion, Ufone has launched an Independence Day campaign to honor the little things that Pakistanis do, that make lives easier for others.

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The new TVC highlights the everyday acts of kindness and compassion that we all witness around us, and which we identify as being the true character of Pakistani people.

Pakistan has been through many hard times in the past seventy years, wars, political turmoil, terrorism etc. but the Pakistani citizens never gave up on their society and always came together to help other people in need by doing small things for them.

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Ufone’s Independence day TVC conveys the message of the same theme, highlighting examples of small deeds that in fact are great acts of kindness. We are not a developed nation, and common citizens face hindrances in everyday life – like when a heavy rainfall creates puddles, making it difficult for commuters to walk on roads. But it is the ordinary people who will often lay bricks to make a path, or insert tall branches so people can avoid potholes.

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Ufone’s previous campaigns have also focused on such people who are making a difference in the society as a result of their strong stance and perseverance for the field they belong to.

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Every advertisement that goes out from Ufone includes real people – living real lives –showcasing their stories and achievements. The company’s new take on marketing highlights the actual heroes of Pakistan who act behind the curtain to make this nation proud.