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Are you the kind of person who doesn’t like to wait in the lounge at the customer service center of your cellular company for mere petty tasks? There is a way around for Ufone customers who can, at least, take charge and do things on their own. It’s nothing different than getting cash or transferring funds through an ATM.

This Virtual Teller Machine (VTM), introduced by Ufone is basically the self service booth which can serve Ufone customers independently without the need of any support representative.

Ufone’s self service booth can let you do the following things;

  • Getting New SIM (Prepaid only)
  • SIM Change
  • Bill Payment and Recharge
  • Load Super Card
  • PTCL Bill Payment
  • Bio-metric Reverification
  • Video-based customer support

Self-service booths are present in nearly 11 cities at 37 locations. Due to being sensitive, these UTMs can only be found at Ufone’s sale and service centers and joint shops in the following cities for now. The company might increase the number of machines in the later phase to other cities as well.

    1. Abbottabad
    2. Attock
    3. Faisalabad
    4. Gujranwala
    5. Islamabad
    6. Karachi
    7. Lahore
    8. Multan
    9. Peshawar
    10. Rawalpindi
    11. Sialkot

If you want to get the location of your nearest machine, MyUfone App or Ufone’s website is the way to find it.

According to a media statement from the company, “Ufone is a pioneer in the telecom market with the launch of Self Service Booth (virtual teller machine), and it has the most user-friendly and integrated customer convenience module. (Self-Care App, Digital & Web, Self Service Booth).

This biometric-enabled Self service booth not only accepts the cash but also do transactions with the help of debit and credit cards. It also has a money dispenser to return the change.

If you are new or get stuck somewhere in the middle of any transaction or activity, there is live video assistance from support people to guide you accordingly.

With these VTMs Ufone customers can also get the Daewoo tickets reserved and purchased for certain terminals including Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, and Rawalpindi. The company hasn’t started this service yet, but according to the communication department, it will start soon.

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