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Ufone has always carried an image of producing some out of the box humorous ads. Not all were popular among the Ufone fans, but there were few TV productions of Jawad Bashir & Company which still reside in our memories.

However, we have observed a U-turn in its TV ads and what we see today is a plain but strenuous effort to discover and support the real heroes of Pakistan. These are the individuals who were quietly putting their efforts for changing the lives of Pakistanis but with a little push from the company and by virtue of an honest approach, more and more people are acknowledging the efforts of these heroes of Pakistan.

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Yesterday, Ufone gathered leading bloggers of Pakistan in Karachi for giving them a chance to meet five heroes of Pakistan. Who are they, let’s find out.

This past Ramadan, we came to know about Parveen Saeed who is running ‘Khana Ghar’ a project for feeding the poor people in her area which she calls “Khuda Ki Basti.” She provides food to nearly 3500 people every day and only charges Rs. 3 per person. It almost cost her approximately PKR 800,000 a month for arranging the food for people who are mostly laborer and do not have the means to feed themselves. Therefore, Khana Ghar has become their home for getting rid of their hunger. She tells that the entire fund to support her fight again social unjust comes from Pakistani philanthropist from Karachi and abroad.

Parveen who studied Mass Communication started this journey some 15 years ago from Surjani Town when she came to know that a mother had killed her two children because she had no means to feed them. The incident convinced and pursued her [Parveen] to open a kitchen for the people of her town so they could not think about any negativity due to extreme hunger.

She tells that although Rs. 3 per person doesn’t cover the cost of the food, but she charges it for not hurting the ego and integrity of the people.

Does she plan to extend her operation for feeding more people of Karachi? Parveen told digital publishers that no organization or any official of the government had approached her during all these years, however, it was only the Ufone which promoted her ‘cause’ and now she can plan two more Khana Ghar in other areas of Karachi.

Similar is the story of Saqib Ali Kazmi who has dedicated his life to providing clean water to the residents of villagers outside Karachi and interior Sindh. He has so far provided and installed 320 handpumps across the country in areas where people, particularly women, have to walk miles for bringing a glass of water which is enough contaminated and undrinkable. The 35 years old work with a small team who are also running a school of 150 children in Garho village. He claims that the education standard in his school is much better than most of the schools in Karachi Metropolitan. While talking to MORE recently in a phonic interview, Saqib told that the monthly recurring expense on this school is more than PKR 50,000, which is met with the help of family and friends. The young social worker saves  2 to 5 percent of his monthly income for his social projects.

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The event also brought forward to the media few other unsung heroes of Pakistan who went against the societal norms and proved themselves.

Sabia Abbat, the first female cyclist from Hazara District, told that it was not easier for a girl of Hazara to dream for becoming a cyclist and it was because of the determination that helped her achieve this goal. Saba has won National Cycling Championship in 2013 and planned to represent Pakistan in international games.

Similarly, the first female truck driver Shamim Akhtar was an inspiration for a large segment of women in Pakistan who rarely come forward and work along with men. In her early 50s, Shamim takes pride in going against the flow by proving herself as a professional truck driver and not merely a ‘woman’.

Also among the heroes of Pakistan was the poor but a very hardworking and a bright chap, Muhammad Mohsin Ali from the city of Hafizabad who scored historical numbers in the entire history of Punjab University back in 2012. Mohsin earned 688 out of 800, highest ever in BA/BSC examination. Interesting fact about Mohsin was that he worked at a Tandoor shop. He could not afford college fees and hence had to appear as a private candidate. In juggling between the job and supporting his family, Mohsin studied for the exams over a period of 6 months overnights, with barely 4 hours of sleep. While talking to media, he shared his plans of attempting for CSS in 2017 and studying LLB.

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No doubt the stories of five silent heroes of Pakistan touched the hearts whoever came to know about them. However, it also portrayed the future focus of the cellular operator in proving itself to be a company. A company which, despite, its commercial interests promises to unearth the endeavors of those few Pakistani who are contributing towards society and making this country a better place to live.

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