Ufone enhanced 3G service in Karachi

After upgrading its 3G network in Lahore earlier this year, Ufone has completed deployment of enhanced 3G services in Karachi. The increasing competition among the telecom companies to give the best user experience has raised the bar of data performance while the war to offer the cheapest rates still persists.

Just like in Lahore, the main focus of Ufone was on two major things: Doubling the capacity and significant improvement in coverage. A reliable internet connection is now the pre-requisite of any telecom company that wants to retain its customers.

Previously, the company enhanced the network in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Abbottabad, Sialkot and Quetta, providing wider network coverage. Ufone has invested millions of dollars to significantly increase coverage and internet throughput (speed) in Karachi.

With the installation of new equipment in Karachi, users can make video calls through Ufone connection from anywhere in the city and can also stream videos without facing any difficulties.

The telecom company believes that the fast internet and clear voice will automatically attract new customers. Karachi being the financial hub of Pakistan is no doubt, an important demographic where the company enhanced its services after successfully testing it in other cities of Pakistan.

The telecom company in a bid to provide the best experience to its customers, conduct customer research regularly. In the last month, according to the Ufone, the Customer Satisfaction Index has indicated that the network has greatly improved.

The company aims to raise the user experience of their customers by consistently innovating their services and pursuing technological advancements.


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