In case you missed it, Qmobile, the Pakistani smartphone brand has launched its premium smartphone Noir A1 but is it really the flagship phone of our dreams, let’s unbox it to find out.

Looking at the box of the Noir A1, we can easily guess that it houses a premium smartphone. The sophisticated and sleek design of phone’s box is understandable as the company claims Noir A1 to be their best smartphone till today.

This dual smartphone is available in two colors Black and Gold, but we right here have the one in Black. With this phone, you are getting a regular charger and data cable, OTG cable, back cover and screen protector and a SIM tray pin.

QMobile Noir A1 Accessories
Accessories that come with QMobile Noir A1


The size of this phone is no way out of proportion; you can easily hold and operate it with one hand. The front is Gorilla Glass 3 that protects a 5.5 inches FHD IPS display. It carries two primary selling features of the phone, 16 MP selfie camera along with selfie flash on the top whereas the physical home screen button that is a fingerprint reader as well can be seen right at the bottom. Two small soft keys on each side of home button are used for back and multitasking. Their order can be swapped from the setting area as per the requirement.

QMobile Noir A1 Design

The right side of the phone carries a volume rocker and the power button whereas the left only holds a SIM tray that can house two SIMs, Nano and Micro. However, the catch is that you can only insert a Nano SIM or a MicroSD card of up to 256GB because both are sharing the single slot. May be QMobile should take care of user’s need to simultaneously putting SIM and SDCard in the future editions of the phone since it is more like a regular practice by other companies today.

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QMobile Noir A1 Sim Tray

The top holds 3.5 mm audio jack only whereas the bottom of the phone carries two sound grilles, a mic in the right grille whereas a regular USB charger slot in between them.

The backside of the phone gives a matte look which is actually made of Aircraft Grade Metal, a little curvy from each side and indicating some toughness in it. Although it can catch a few smudges yet, they are less prominent unlike many other counterparts and very easily removable. 

We have seen such kind of finishing in Huawei P10 and P10 Plus, but it will be too early to compare them regarding durability as of now. Two horizontal lines at the top and bottom also remind us of famous HTC One M7 and 8. But that is all good as far as the Noir A1 is an excellent performer.

For keeping the backside clean and secure, the Q is also giving a transparent back cover to keep things tidy, but I believe such protection doesn’t add to the beauty of the phone which looks pleasing without such guard. 13 MP lens along with a LED flash light can be seen in the top middle of the phone, and besides this, a prominent Q logo leaves the whole area quite idle. Following are the features that make this phone a worth trying gadget;

Fingerprint Reader

Almost every flagship is coming with a fingerprint reader today, and Noir A1 is a similar attempt to place the phone in that league. While using the phone very briefly, we tried to examine the claim of QMobile that its scanner unlocks the phone earlier than iPhone 7. As per them, it brings to life the screen in 0.2 seconds. In our initial testing, we checked, and it turned out to be faster than many. Although we can’t verify the claim at this stage, however, but it was brisk and impressive.

QMobile Noir A1 Fingerprint Reader

Massive Battery and Quick Charging

Q Noir A1 has a mammoth battery which is 4010 mAh, and it can certainly accompany you for two whole days provided you are a normal user. But for power users who really love to exhaust the phone with games, browsing, music, camera or live streaming; one whole day companionship can be expected. We are using this phone, and soon we will bring an update on the battery thing which is very critical for most of the users. Here is a list of some good phones of 2017 with best battery life.

There is no mention of quick charging on the charger but may be Q people were trying to do a little surprise. As they claim, the whole battery charges in 100 minutes — one hour and 40 minutes — which is theoretically excellent for a battery of this size. QMobile Lab also made a video to prove this claim which we have also put here for you to see for yourself.

16 MP or 13 MP Camera

The bigger the MPs, the better it should be..huh..isn’t it?? Well, in reality, this claim is not solely true as there are other factors involved in producing some top notch pictures, but those are not the things to be included here for introducing these two lenses here which are coming with their own flashlights.

Both the lenses share almost similar features in the camera app, so you don’t miss a chance to fine tune your photos. The first look of this app and few initial photos suggest that the quality of pics should be fine during our tests in different lighting conditions.

Android Nougat, 2GHz of processor and 4GB of RAM

The Noir A1 boasts Android Nougat which is the good part, and it deals with the software of Q that is Q Ameego 3. We are not sure how improved this 3rd version is from its predecessors since the company made it part of their old series and this smartphone is the first one in the A series to feature this OS. Surely we will try to explore Q’s flavor in our review later on, but for now, it showed some good performance with the help of 4GB RAM and 2GHz Octa-core MediaTek chipset. I tried to open almost every app on board, and it went on smoothly without a lag, and I still had 1.48 GB of RAM left. This is definitely not the real test of performance which should be analyzed with some juice hungry and processor throttling 3rd party apps on the play store.


For a price of Rs. 27,500, QMobile Noir A1 is presenting some good specs that are enough to compel you to consider it as an option. However, we shouldn’t shouldn’t forget this price range, which is a middle tier segment in Pakistan, is very lucrative for buyers and a playground for some top notch brands as well. We will definitely recommend this phone if stands our tests in the coming weeks.