United Motors

The Auto Development Policy 2016 is a gift that will keep on giving as United Motors is getting ready to launch two new cars in Pakistan.

United Motors is a big name in the Pakistani market due to its strong position as the second largest motorbike selling brand in the country. The company got an official go-ahead to manufacture automobiles in the country earlier this year alongside Nishat Group, KIA-Lucky Motors.

According to PakWheels, the company will be launching a brand new 800cc car and 1000cc pickup in the market. The car will likely make an entry in the first six months of the coming year.

The new car will most probably attract the users who are looking for an affordable option that can provide amazing performance and quality.

Suzuki Mehran will also be making an exit from the automobile market in 2018, making it an excellent time to introduce an alternative for the customers with a new hatchback model.

The automobile industry in Pakistan is taking a turn towards a better future as local manufacturing can guarantee better and competitive prices of the vehicles along with the end of the long-standing monopoly of Honda, Toyota, and Suzuki.

A famous European automaker, Volkswagen has also made its way to the country and will set up a local assembly plant for its vehicles whereas Renault has gone back from its decision to do the same.


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