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In a case to address the tax issue on mobile phone usage, the Supreme Court of Pakistan appeared less than pleased on the progress.

During the hearing, the premier court asked the Attorney General that why the government had not made a policy regarding the mobile phone cards taxes?

Supreme court also remarked that why those people are taxed who don’t fall in the tax net.

While responding from the government’s side, the AG, Anwar Masoor Khan said that there was a suggestion to exempt Rs. 500 usage from the tax. Any user above the barrier should come into tax net.

He further briefed the apex court that government had not taken any step since it was a provincial matter after the 18th amendment.

“Other than income tax, all other levies come under the domain of provincial governments and they should be consulted for reaching a decision”, AG explained.

He further requested the court to grant time for discussing the matter with all the stakeholders.

Supreme Court has issued notices to provincial governments for the next hearing.

It is worth noting that the supreme court had taken suo moto notice on this illegal tax and suspended the 40% tax imposed on telecom consumers before the general elections. why the PTI government is not having any policy regarding this?

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