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If someone wants to study Urdu and English, there is no necessity of hiring a teacher and buying a dictionary as there is a new platform available now that can help. Urdu Hindi Dictionary introduced by Data Science Lab has got everyone talking about the new way to learn and understand the respective languages. The lab at Information Technology University (ITU) has created their application named Urdu-Hindi Dictionary which aims to help overcome the language barrier and provide a powerful custom search that will enable the users to find the translation of any word in Arabic, Urdu, Hindi or English.

This dictionary is helpful for every Urdu and Hindi speakers who wants to study but because of some reason cannot fully focus on their education. It is a great opportunity for learning the both languages with the comfort of not having to buy a lot of books.  Also, it brings about a revolutionary new way to spread education in a country that has been struggling with its literacy rate for decades.

The basic requirement for learning through this dictionary is a smartphone and a cheap mobile data package. Pakistan’s increased internet penetration has made the cyber world more accessible to the common man. Also, the smartphone industry has flooded the telecom sector with affordable smartphones that can be accessible to anyone. This application is a turning point in the lives of everyone who wants easy access to education.

How Urdu Hindi Dictionary Works

The dictionary doesn’t use Urdu the way it’s written rather uses Roman Urdu, the one where we use English alphabets to write Urdu. Roman Urdu is used mostly in texting and using social media by the new generation.

How it works is, first you download the Urdu Hindi Dictionary from Google Play store and then start the application with a single touch.

urdu hindi dictionary for education
Urdu Hindi Dictionary

They also provide a wide category from which the user can choose words from and the level of

dictionary categories and levels
Categories and Levels

This app is the new dawn of self-education in Pakistan where people don’t have to depend on others in acquiring their basic human right.

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