US Air Force invites Hackers

You might have heard of the term “if you cannot beat them, join them,” well the United States Air Force has taken it to another level by paying the friendly hackers.

In their new bug bounty program, Hack the Airforce, US is opening its doors to the hackers from around the country and also from international countries including, U.K., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The strangest thing about their new “open reward program” is the fact that the countries popular for the most notorious hackers, China, Spain, and Russia are nowhere to be found.

The USA has been scandalized over the years where its securities agencies were accused of spying on various countries. Wikileaks recently revealed that NSA hacked Mobilink (now called Jazz) to spy on Pakistanis.

Amid all the espionage drama, United States has voiced its reservations about the hacking attempts by Chinese and Russians. The email leaks and the result of the US election have been called into question by many, claiming the involvement of Russia.

Bug bounties used to controversial once upon a time where many feared that it will expose the system by allowing hackers to paint a target. But now, it’s a common norm for many securities experts.

According to Fortune, the system open for bug bounty would not involve weapons systems or other high-security operations but would focus on  “public facing” systems. which may include recruitment websites or other highly visible sites.

These systems may include recruitment websites or other highly visible sites. Which begs the question, why conduct a drive to find your vulnerabilities without including the best resource from the market.


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