These days, people heavily use the ad blocking apps to protect their web browsing. Not only on desktop computers or Laptops, but also on smartphones. A large number of ad blocking apps is available on the app stores that you can download for free.

According to the latest research conducted by the PageFair, some 22% of the smartphone users worldwide use the ad blocking apps to save their mobile internet data. There are also a lot of other reasons why people use such apps.

Interestingly, the report released by the PageFair suggests that the ad blocking software is especially popular in China, India, Indonesia, and Pakistan. It says that the 10 million people that use the ad blocking apps are from Pakistan.

The United States stands at 2.3 million. China is topping the list with more than 150 million users of ad blocking apps. This number is likely to be increased with time. Besides, the report also says that it is a significant threat to the business organizations, and it can affect their revenue.

36% of smartphone owners prefer using a web browser that supports built-in ad blocking extension. 30 million users of Mozilla Firefox and 24 million of Opera Mini are using ad-blocking add-ons.

Why people use ad blocking apps?

A question arises in mind here that why do people use the ad blocking apps. The question needs detailed answers as there are different reasons for different people. Some people use these apps just because they think that it will save them a lot of internet data.

Some people use them only because these ads annoy them a lot; they just don’t like an ad popping up again and again on their smartphones or computer screens.

Another significant reason is the fact that sometimes, these ads are very inappropriate and feature some indecent images that you might not like to watch. You feel shameful when you are browsing the web with one of your family members, and suddenly, an annoying vulgar ad appears on the screen.

On the other hand, using the ad blockers is a significant threat to the online business companies, as they get most of their revenues from the online ads that appear on your screens.