In the Universal Fund Company’s (USF Co) 48th Board of Directors Meeting chaired by Mrs Anusha Rehman, Chairperson; USF Co Board and the Minister of State for IT & Telecom Internet project for Awaran-Lasbela worth billions was approved. This award comes under a Broadband for Sustainable Development Project. Modern Broadband facilities will be provided to the population which will cover the area of 39,434 square km. This project will serve around 196,177 people and also 269 unserved Mauzas.

The Board also reviewed the existing projects of USF concerning woman empowerment. These projects are part of ICT’S for girls program and Broadband for Low Income Women in phase 2 where 50 more Computer Labs will be established in Bait ul Maal’s Women Empowerment Centre.

150 Women Empowerment Centers were established in June 2016 in the first phase of the ICT’s for girls project. In these centers girls from disadvantaged backgrounds can learn about IT and will also be trained by Microsoft led program. These efforts are aimed at increase ICT education among women, training the women in technical aspects of IT and providing an entrepreneurial environment to promote their social and political empowerment.


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