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We previously introduced you to VEON that looks forward to replacing communication apps like WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype etc. and now the mobile app is finally live in Pakistan.

VEON is a global internet platform that seeks to bring customized and personal experiences and content to its consumers.

What Can Veon Do?

Veon mobile app

You must be wondering why so much hype about another messaging app? Well, that is it, this app promises to offer so much more.

With Veon, you can connect with your friends, family or even use it for work with the messaging and call feature that can either be private or in a group. Additionally, you can share photos, videos, audio messages, even your location with others and much more.

Still not impressed? How about that Veon app also will bring personalized daily recommendation including latest news, music, and videos to our screen and the best part is that its core functions are completely FREE.

Moreover, the customers can link their mobile account with the application to check on their remaining credit and can even top up from top-up from the app.

New Wave of Disruptive Technology

VEON officials
From left to right: Aniqa Afzal Sandhu, Chief Digital Officer Jazz, Christopher Schlaeffer, Chief Commercial & Digital Officer VEON, Aamir Ibrahim, CEO Jazz and Mark MacGann, Group Corporate Affairs and Regulatory Officer

The mobile communication apps for years have been eating away the revenue of the telecom companies in the shape of a drastic decrease in voice calls and SMS but now the parent company of Jazz (VEON, earlier VimpelCom) is apparently ready to claim the consumers that once belonged to telcos.


Veon is not just another app but a move towards a disruptive technology where no matter which cellular connection you own, you can use this mobile app to connect and do so much more.

End of Cellular SIM cards

The telecom company is currently in the business of selling cellular SIM cards but the future will bring mobile devices which will worth without them. If a Ufone customer, for instance, wants to call his friend who uses Jazz’s network, he can simply call him up on Veon where just like WhatsApp data charges will apply.

Another major difference between Veon app and WhatsApp apart from features is that the firmer is being introduced by a telecom company and not a technology company.

A Jazz official while talking to MORE stated that the company is pretty excited about this product where it sees that in future the communication will happen via database applications and the SIM module will lose its use.

Jazz; From Telecom to Technology Company

Jazz has partnered with its parent company and the rest of the telcos are open to exploring partnership opportunities with VEON as every telco cannot create a separate app for their users. The company offers end to end encryption and is keen to work with mobile operators to ensure that the platform protects the privacy of its users.

Christopher Schlaffer
Christopher Schlaffer, Chief Commercial & Digital Officer VEON


VEON’s Chief Commercial & Digital Officer Christopher Schlaffer, speaking on the occasion said, “VEON is part of our transformation strategy — from a telecommunications company into a telecommunication and technology company. It uses data analytics and artificial intelligence to replace the almost obsolete and inefficient bricks-and-mortar Telco service model with a smooth, easy, fun and intuitive experience where everything users need is at their fingertips.”

Future of VEON

“This is just the beginning, as VEON’s capabilities expand, we expect our Pakistani customers to be able to do even more on our platform in the future including accessing financial services,” he added.

The Veon app first made its way into Pakistan in July 2017 but since then it was in the testing phase but now anyone can use it to transform the way they use their telecom services.

In the future, the Pakistanis customers may be able to do a lot more with this app like accessing financial services etc. Want to give it a try? Just head towards the Google Play or Apple Store to download the app.

Highlights of the Event


Veon app event


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