Visually impaired people in Pakistan launch a platform to show their success stories

Visually impaired people in Pakistan represent this country in a similar way; the rest of the normal citizens do. They shouldn’t be taken for granted; instead, they have proven their abilities like any normal person.

It’s a fact that weaker policies have always challenged the deprived segments of our society, but its the individual like Yousaf Saleem, Dr. Amir Hanif Raja, and Ayesha Saleem who break the taboos and show the world their real strength. These visually impaired individuals are serving this country as a Judge, Doctor, and teacher, respectively.

A group of visually impaired people in Pakistan has created a platform that they call “Visually Impaired Professionals” that is meant to highlight the immense efforts of individuals like above against all the odds.

Initially, a website has been created by the special people themselves – – that mentions the achievement of some visually impaired professionals who can become role modal for other special persons in the country.

“The platform is open for registration for any visually impaired person in Pakistan, and we will also create our youtube channel, fan pages on social media to reach the audience further,” told Muhammad Salman, a member of the group.

The website tells that finding data about the visually challenged people in Pakistan is a tough task as there is no single platform available that could represent them.

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Even the government agencies, private sector, and many other organizations that need to conduct the relevant surveys find it extremely challenging to accumulate the desired data about successful professionals with visual impairment, mainly due to the lack of information in this regard. Subsequently, a large number of VIPs go unnoticed in society, which results in projecting further stigmas concerning disability as their success stories remain undiscovered. 

However, with the help of this website, the esteemed blind professionals can surely make their presence felt big time and shall remain in the limelight.

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