Vivo promises $30 million initial investment and 10,000 jobs for Pakistanis

Vivo V7 Plus launch

Vivo is the new entry in Pakistani mobile phone market, and with this, it has joined the league of several other Chinese smartphone manufacturers who are already making the industry full of choices for the consumers.

The global giant, which claims that it comes at number five position in terms of mobile shipments, had its mega launch last night in Lahore that seemingly looked way too different than what we have witnessed in case of other Chinese brands over the years. Unlike Oppo, Tecno and Xiaomi, it more sounded like getting the inspiration from the old launch events of Huawei when they were in full swing.

Despite some glitches, which of course occurred due to late entry of audience, there appeared more mingling of Chinese and Pakistanis, and the respect of each other’s culture was quite palpable. We are not sure yet that how good the strategy of appointing local CEOs for every city would turn out to be, but the mobile phone dealers looked more connected and involved with their Chinese partners.

There were music and dance performances from both sides later in the event and then a dedicated effort from Chinese to explain everything in Urdu throughout the event in front of Pakistani audience was more engaging and appreciative for local people.

Flash Mob by Vivo Official at V7+ Launch event in Pakistan

For the first time Chinese dance in Pakistan on stage from a mobile companycc: Vivo Pakistan#VivoPakistan #VivoV7Plus #MoreNews

Posted by More News on Thursday, 5 October 2017

Future Roadmap of Vivo

Mr. Eric Kong, CEO of Vivo Pakistan

And quite contrary to the leading brands in Pakistan, Vivo explained their future strategy for the country with much clarity. While describing the roadmap, the CEO for Pakistan Eric Kong told the audience that;

  1. Vivo will make $ 30 million initial investment to boost online and offline trade platforms.
  2. They will make use of all the medium for advertising including TV, Social Media, Print and Outdoor
  3. Since celebrities have a significant role to play for a brand to get registered in people’s mind, Vivo will also work with leading celebrities in Pakistan. But, for now, they will hang on with Ranvir Singh for V7+ phone before they start developing local acquaintances.
  4. Vivo plans to open some 2000 experience stores and exclusive shops in the coming two years.
  5. They are currently operating their customer service centers in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, and Gujranwala. However, it is much in the plans to expand the network in other cities as well.
  6. They plan to create a front-line market force of around 10,000 people with 99% of Pakistan human resource in it.

Kong’s concluding remarks were, “we want to make strong roots in Pakistan” and he further went on to say, “Love Pakistan, Love Vivo.”

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