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If you have a new Huawei mobile phone and you used to watch TV series and movies through the VLC media player, get ready for an unpleasant surprise.

VideoLAN, the company behind the popular cross-platform VLC media player, has announced that it will prevent Huawei phones from downloading VLC from Google Play Store.

Many Huawei mobile users complained that VLC stopped midway through playback, a link to the VLC forums shows the extent of the problem.

However, VLC could do little to solve this problem, because it is the Huawei system itself that indiscriminately kills (according to VLC) the processes in the background, including the player although at that moment you are watching a video or listening to music in the background. The main culprit here is the Huawei’s battery software optimization.

In another tweet three hours later VLC has clarified that this is not the case with all Huawei phones, but only the most recent Huawei’s handsets.

VLC claims that Huawei refuses to add its player to the list of whitelisted applications, which is breaking the functionality of their app on those devices and therefore they have had no choice but to take this measure.

Although it may seem a bit tantalizing, the fact is that users who are unhappy with this malfunction end up adding bad scores and reviews to the app on Google Play, which is something that every developer tries to avoid at all costs, especially if it is due to someone else’s cause.

Anyone who wants VLC with their Huawei phone can still download it from their APK, but will not have the right to leave a review or score on Google Play if they have problems with it. Under your own account and risk. This, in addition, it is possible that it serves as a motivation to Huawei so it alters the modification of the system or adds VLC to the whitelist as Huawei has responded with a solution to VLC, details of which are kept discrete.

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