German made, Volkswagen cars are just around the corner in Pakistan as the company has signed an agreement to build an assembly line in Karachi. If you are interested in buying these well-known vehicles, this new development will surely intensify your excitement.

Volkswagen owners can now lock and unlock their car with the help of Apple’s digital assistant, Siri. iPhones and iPads having iOS 12 will be able to control Volkswagen vehicles with the help of integrated and customizable commands.

The company has already released the latest version of their app, Car-Net, which will help auto users to check remaining fuel, running mileage besides locking and unlocking a vehicle. Moreover, users can now ask Siri to flash lamps or honk the horn of the car in order to locate it in the parking lots.

Personalized phrases can be added in the app to start or stop the battery charging of the electric vehicle. Furthermore, the assistant is also given permission to handle the climate controls of the vehicle.

Car-Net is available for $17.99 per month and if you are wondering, why to pay just to get Siri integration? Besides Siri features, the app provides security and service attributes like automatic accident notifications, stolen vehicle location, emergency calls to police and roadside assistance services.