It is a common norm in the east to acquire many household products on monthly installments and it looks like the west after adopting the same model for selling smartphone will offer the same chance for the car buyers.

At the 2017 LA Auto Show on Wednesday, Swedish carmaker revealed that customers can now own Volvo XC40 crossover SUV on a monthly subscription.

The company intends to sell Volvo XC40 for $600 per month. What’s amazing is that this figure not only includes the cost of the car, tax, and delivery but also insurance (regardless of the owner’s age or location), access to company’s new “concierge” service and even maintenance fees.

Volvo XC40 interior
Interior of Volvo XC40

The customer can also get a range of new options if they are willing to pay a bit more. The person will just have to handle the local taxes and any registration fee that is mandatory by the government or the state.

The subscription sign-ups of Volvo XC40 are now available at the company’s website where the first deliveries will start in early Spring 2018. We hope this new subscription model catches up with other cars and car companies as well, making it easier for people to own an amazing automotive without ruining their budget.