Do Walls, Omore and Gourmet cheat consumers with Fake Ice-Cream?

fake Ice-cream being ssold to Pakistanis

The summer season has hardly started and we can the rising heat wave that is about to hit us. Many of us turn to cool drinks while some opt for cold ice-cream but hold on a moment before you go ahead and buy your favorite flavored ice-cream because it’s not real.

Shocked, well you should be as the companies have been fooling us with their fake ice-cream products. Punjab Food Authority recently issued a notice stating that Walls, gourmet, Omore and many companies like them are actually selling frozen desert in the name of ice-cream.

You might wonder what the difference between the two, well, an ice-cream is made from dairy cream that has immense nutritional value whereas the frozen desert that we’ve been consuming for years is actually made from vegetable oil. Meaning for decades the public has been duped into believing that what they are eating and paying for is actually real.

Ice-cream notification by PFA

The tradition of deceiving the masses for corporate gains is unfortunately not a new trend. Many such companies are working in Pakistan for decades completely unchecked and no mechanism have been so far developed to see what kind of products are they feeding the consumers.

Previously we have seen that more than 70pc of milk in Pakistan is adulterated where many big companies are making big bucks selling us unhealthy dairy drinks in the name of milk. Recently, PFA has ordered the tea whitener brands to write “This is not milk” on 15 percent of the total area of their product’s packaging.

Ths saddest thing about such cases is that none of it is accidental as tea whiteners were consciously branded as milk and frozen desert for years is marketed as ice-cream. The deceptive marketing practices despite being ethically wrong are also unlawful as a company cannot be allowed to fool the public.

Interior Minister, Chaudhary Nisar in one of his press conference has already declared a crackdown against food products and their companies. he revealed that the government has already put food items under the schedule of FIA where the authority would check their quality.

In the first phase, the imported food items will be viewed as according to various reports milk, chocolates, toffees coming into the country are expired and thus are toxic. Later on, the FIA will coordinate with the provinces to ensure that daily food items are healthy.

Food is a million dollar industry where there is hardly any special checks and balances to ensure that people are buying a good product. PFA also issued a notification relaying that Blue Band also uses vegetable fat instead of dairy fat which is why it not a replacement of margarine. The TVC for blue band instead gives the message “Parathon peh blue band rozana, roz barhte jana”

The question rises again, why now? These companies are working for decades why are we hearing about such things now and not when they started off. When we were buying unhealthy frozen desert instead of ice-cream, these companies made money off our ignorance so instead of asking them to mention it in clearly on the packet, they should be legally held accountable for their conscious deception.

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