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Lahore is a historical city, and its culture represents food, festivals, literature, music, politics, language, and education.

The city attracts a large number of tourists from across the world to visit the ancient Badshahi Mosque, Data Darbar, Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore Fort, and many more points of attraction.

There are already many advanced technologies introduced in the city to help the travelers.

The city offers various traveling options to the people, i.e. modern Metro Bus Transit System, air-conditioned passenger buses, double decker buses, and colorful auto-rickshaws.

Recently, some taxi apps were introduced in the city, including Careem, a Dubai-based car riding service which helps people to make requests for the immediate or later scheduled pick-ups through its smartphone application.

Another taxi and rent-a-car service, A-Taxi was also introduced in the city.

An online transportation company, Uber has also recently entered into the Pakistani market. It connects riders to the drivers. Then we have Travly app, which allows people to book a rickshaw or a taxi and also helps them planning a bus route.

Although there are a lot of such services introduced in the city, there was a strong need to develop some smartphone applications that can guide about the important places in the city. Whether you are new in Lahore or a resident, here are the two great apps for Lahore, which will help you in exploring the city better.

Locally Lahore

A new kind of app is developed to study the places in the city. The app is called Locally Lahore. Suave Solutions, a famous software company that specializes in app development, has designed this app. This company has developed many educational smartphone applications for the people of Pakistan, and now, it is presenting its Locally Lahore App.

Locally Lahore app screenshot

In old days, people used to find local people and interact with them to know more about a new city. People also used to buy paper maps to find the places in a new town. But now, modern apps are available to do this job for you in the easiest way possible.

Once signed in, you can explore what’s around you, check out the latest local events, or explore the maps of the city. Other than that, you can check out the local food points, historical places in the city, shops & markets, hospitals, and much more.

Locally Lahore app will notify you about the weather conditions in the city also.You can also explore the entertainment hubs like cinemas and theme parks. The app is full of infotainment. If the app does not have an event detail in its database, you can also submit it yourself.

Lahore City Guide

Lahore City Guide is another similar app. It is available only for the Android devices. It is one of the great apps for Lahore. MayaLogic Inc, a Lahore-based web and software development company, has developed this app.

The layout of this app is simply fantastic and smooth. Although the app is designed for the tourists in the city, you can also use it if you are a resident of Lahore.

Lahore Guide app screenshot

On the home screen of this app, you will see three options i.e. “Eat,” “Enjoy”, and “Sleep.” The people of Lahore love to eat a lot; we always see Lahori people standing on the stalls of Dahi Bhallas, Gol Gappay, and Aloo Chaney.

But, if you are new in this city and having a difficulty in finding a good food point, then the app Lahore City Guide has an option, called “Eat.” Tap this option to check out all the important food points in the city along with their addresses and phone numbers.

You can always search the fun points in the city such as coffee shops, ice cream parlors, parks, and cinemas by tapping the “Enjoy” option. And if you want to find a hotel, you can hit the “Sleep” option provided in the Lahore City Guide app to see the hostels, hotels, and cottages in the city.


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