Warid starts LTE roaming service in Pakistan

warid LTE roaming service

Warid Telecom takes the pride to become the first operator in Pakistan for providing LTE roaming service to the roamers visiting Pakistan as well as Warid customers visiting international destination.

For now, LTE roaming service is available in the UK for which Warid has entered into an agreement with Vodafone.

An official of the company confirmed that Warid Telecom is in talks with other service providers on various international destinations for the provision of LTE roaming globally.

Global mobile users who are visiting Pakistan can also take advantage of LTE roaming service in 1500 Warid locations in the country.

Official communication confirms that Warid is leveraging the Syniverse IPX Network Solution and Diameter Signaling Services to enable its subscribers to access LTE roaming service.
LTE has emerged as a critical mobile service in Pakistan as the number of domestic and visiting subscribers has steadily increased over the past few years. As of official statistics, Warid currently serves 283,761 consumers with its LTE service in Pakistan.

Ms. Asma Khan, Director International Business, Warid Telecom says,
“LTE service has quickly moved from a next-generation technology to a mobile-service standard, and our customers are going to experience LTE speed and capacity anywhere they go,.”

“Syniverse will help us take an important step forward in implementing LTE on a global basis while ensuring we meet customers’ expectations for smooth and consistent services wherever they travel,” She added.

Syniverse’s IPX Network Solution and Diameter Signaling Service interconnect the world’s networks to make LTE possible anywhere and at any time. A crucial part of LTE involves the deployment of an IPX network, the network backbone that makes LTE and LTE roaming possible; and Diameter, the industry-standard signaling protocol for proper routing and delivery of messages. Syniverse provides operators with a comprehensive solution for global LTE enablement with a carrier-grade connection to the company’s all-IP network, which currently serves more than 2,300 LTE roaming routes with connections that reach more than 320 operators in 66 countries.

“With GSMA projecting that LTE connections will reach nearly 3 billion and over 60 percent of the world’s population by 2020, mobile service providers can’t afford any mistakes in rolling out LTE,” said Mahesh Prasad, Executive Vice President of Sales for Europe, Middle East, Africa and India, Syniverse. “As one of the pioneers in global LTE enablement, we’ll use the expertise we’ve developed to help ensure that Warid Telecom launches LTE roaming service flawlessly as to provide the highest level of satisfaction to its customers.”

Syniverse has enabled global LTE roaming service for more than 130 operators. In 2015, Syniverse announced that it will use its IPX Network to power LTE for operators including, Ooredoo, Telin, and the Saudi Telecom Company.

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