Warning sent to owners of bogus number plates

Crackdown against Bogus Number Plates

The warning letters and SMS messages have been sent to 2,80,000 vehicle owners in Lahore who are using fake or non-approved number plates on their vehicles.

In view of security of citizens and instructions of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, legal action will be taken against those using illegal and non-approved plates.

The authority has given the deadline of 30th October to the vehicle owners who are using the bogus registration plates. After this deadline, such vehicles will be impounded and released only after issuance of official and original number plates.

The verification of the number plates is a very important part of the Safe City project, which was recently launched in the city. The project includes a camera-based system that automatically generates the traffic violation ticket for the people who drive carelessly. This system is compatible with the new number plates that are approved by the government and it does not work if a vehicle is using a non-approved number plate.

On 1st November, the strict crackdown will be initiated against the owners of bogus number plates. It is important to mention here that the fake plates on the vehicles can put you in jail for 2 years.

With the mutual collaboration between Special Monitoring Unit, City Traffic Police, and Excise & Taxation department, the government has launched a crackdown against the vehicle owners who are using the bogus number plates.

On the other hand, More than five lakh plates in the Excise office are yet to be delivered to their owners. Aside from this, around forty thousand number plates have been thrown on the roof of Excise and Taxation Office, Farid Court Road, Lahore.

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According to the officials of the Excise department, only 1000 to 1,200 old registration plates are being sent to the owners on a daily basis. It is a very small number and it is just like providing a small drop of water to a camel, they said.

  1. We are so much upset due to unruly traffic in lahore, we have been hearing these claims since a long time but no implementation on any traffic rules.

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