Independence Cup

While the passionately celebrated champion’s trophy hangover is settling down, cricket enthusiasts are completely sold to the compelling joy of having International Cricket touch base with Lahore, once again. With the same energy,

With the same energy, dedication, and passion, Lahore is all set to welcome the UBL Independence Cup series Pakistan vs. World 11 T20, at Gadaffi Stadium kicking off on the 12-15th of September 2017.

The three-match tournament that is to be called The Independence Cup, will re-ignite the spirit of Pakistan’s 70th anniversary, bringing to the field the most explosive and known international players from all parts of the world to play against Pakistan.

Independence Cup 2017 Livestream

To make the event a phenomenal success like the Pakistan Super League, The Content Company (a subsidiary of Blitz Advertising), TransMedia Group and ITW will replicate the magical experience of witnessing cricket at its best through DRM – based exclusive livestream at, bagging astounding success once again.

PCB is hosting a solid comeback of International Cricket on Pakistani soil, which is an undoubted reinforcement and reconciliation of faith in the ability and competency of the brand Pakistan. It is also an inspiring opportunity to gloat all the critics of hosting such events in Pakistan by launching a successfully rich and stirring event that holds the hearts of millions.

Ahsen Idris, CEO Blitz Advertising PSL 2017
Ahsen Idris, CEO Blitz Advertising

“Following the success of PSL, international cricket has finally come back to Pakistan. Being the first agency in Pakistan to acquire media and remarketing rights for an international series (TV + Digital), the Blitz group and our partners are honored to be a part of this endeavor and we are aligned across all mediums to make this event an eyebrow raiser across Pakistan’s media landscape.” – Ahsen Idris, CEO Blitz Advertising

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