Weird Things People Search on Google


Google is not just a search engine for people but is expected to have the answers to all the life questions. The common response to basic questions comprise of two words “Google it,” cannot find a book, Google it, don’t know how to do my job? Google it, don’t know whether I should live on this planet?

Google, everyone’s one-stop shop for getting all the answers is sometimes challenged by people with weird searches and queries. Following are the ten most weird searches people have actually looked for in Pakistan:

Who would win

Google Searches 1If someone really wants to know the meaning of winning a rabbit they really need to reconsider their education.

Why do we

Google Searches 2

Why do we need food? Maybe it’s time to quit the internet and go to school.

Why are the

Google Searches 3

If only anybody could answer why are the Kardashians famous because it is still a mystery to the world.

Could God

Google Searches 4

Maybe one could consult a priest or Imam and get themselves a microwave.

Why don’t we

Google Searches 5

Why don’t we go there? where is there?

Why aren’t there

Google Searches 6Why aren’t there any more dinosaurs? Someone skipped their science lectures in school.

Should we

Google Searches 7

Should we be happy with what we have? Does someone really need to ask?

Why do I have

Google Searches 8

Why do I have no friends? If only Google could answer that my life would be changed.

Sometimes when I am alone

Google Searches 9

Pretending to be carrot when you’re alone? That’s a major red flag for help.

Why does my brother

Google Searches 10

The only reason your brother’s printer say offline is because he is douche who needs a lecture from mom.

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