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A lot of social networking and messaging apps have recently introduced end-to-end encryption in order to enhance the security of the apps. 6 months ago, WhatsApp and Facebook added end-to-end encryption to focus on data privacy. But what does the popularity of E2E encryption mean for small businesses and tech giants?

To find out, Scott Gerber, an author at The Next Web asked a group of successful founders from YEC the following question: Do you think companies will start to further prioritize E2E encryption? Some of the best answers he received are discussed below:

More apps will be developed:

John Rampton of Due said, there is a definite need to prioritize the end-to-end encryption technology and further offer applications where this system would be beneficial.

End-to-End encryption will become popular:

Rahul Varshneya of Arkenea LLC said that after the Appleā€™s landmark fight with the FBI over the encrypted iPhone of San Bernadino killer Syed Rizwan Farook, a lot of companies are taking a keen interest in adding this new technology in their apps. This system makes it almost impossible even for the employees of the company to read the information of any user.

Companies will prioritize E2E encryption:

Nicole Munoz of Start Ranking Now says that the companies need to start prioritizing the e2e encryption in order to make the apps inaccessible to the hackers. The technology is taking us in the right direction and we should adopt this new system.

The system will become mainstream:

Drew Hendricks, of Buttercup, stated that the new technology may still take a time to become famous as organizations need to learn more about how it would apply to what they are trying to do and determine if it would really assist them with their own objectives. There may be faster adoption across certain industries and business segments who understand immediately how they could use it.

More online security to the govt. employees

The government employees easily become the victims of the hacking. The end-to-end encryption system will help the companies to provide better online security to the government employees and also to the other people who work in larger organizations, said Manpreet Singh of TalkLocal.

E2E encryption will become more important

Marcela De Vivo, Brilliance said, as data security becomes more important and concerns over privacy and security increase, E2E encryption will be the main concern for the developers. Information has become a coveted currency, and as technologies evolve and more data becomes available, it will be very important to secure the digital data. By offering E2E encryption, WhatsApp has once again proved that it cares for its users and provides better security to their data.

E2E encryption is a consumer-level implementation

Tim Maliyil of AlertBoot, who have been in the encryption business for the past nine years, said that he has not observed that the adoption rate for this new system is only increasing. He says that the companies use this kind of technologies for different facets of their businesses, but he is not sure about the E2E encryption systems. “Personally, I think E2E encryption is more of a consumer-level implementation where data loss wouldn’t be a disaster.”

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