What to Do When Careem Overcharges You

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Careem Pakistan

Do you feel you have been overcharged by Careem and do not know what to do? Well, you are not the first one as being an avid Careem user I just went through the same ordeal, the one which gave me a minor heart attack.

It is a tale of last night when the protestors of Tehreek Labaik Ya Rasool Allah managed to shut down Lahore completely and our government with the foresight of sensing trouble pulled back its public transport completely, leaving the citizens stranded.

Just like any sensible person, I grabbed my phone and booked Careem and started off my journey at around 6:30 PM in the evening but little did I know that I won’t be reaching home anytime soon. With all the roads blocked and nowhere to go, I along with my Careem captain stayed in the car waiting for the road to clear which was in a deadlock moving at the speed of a tortoise.

After around 5 hours, my Careem captain managed to drop me safely home but to my shock, the fare amounted to Rs. 2172. I would like to mention that during my journey I called the Careem helpline explaining the situation to which the person on the other line responded saying that they will help me out and my bill won’t be too much.

Sadly, at the end of the ride, the representative at the helpline told me there was nothing he could do. What really blew my mind was that my colleague who traveled the same route received Rs. 439 fare receipt, which was exponentially less than the one I had to pay.

Careem Fare
Screenshot of the two fare recipets by Careem

The drastic difference between the two fares got us moving and we contacted Careem’s spokesperson to help us solve this riddle who directed us to a helpline representative who not only solved my issue (I got Rs. 1826 credited back to my Careem account) but also shared what a person ought to do if they feel they are being overcharged by the company.

The Solution to Being Overcharged

Careem like many other mobile apps around the world can face technical difficulties where a user can be sometimes undercharged or overcharged by the company. It is not entirely company’s fault as it is once in a blue moon kind of situation and the company rushes to solve the user’s issue (based on personal experience).

At the end of the ride, Careem shares the breakdown of the complete fare showing the waiting charges, the KMs charged, etc. If you come across a charge that you think is unfair to you, all you have to do is call the helpline number.

If Helpline Rep Doesn’t Have Complete Info of the Trip

Now sometimes, a person will be told that their complete information is not accessible to the representative at the moment which sometimes occurs soon after the ride is over. In this case, the user needs to stay calm for at least 24 hours or at most 48 hours and contact them again.

In this time, the system will update your ride’s information and the helpline representative will be able to better explain the charges showing up and will help to remedy the situation if you are actually being overcharged.