WhatsApp verified accounts

WhatsApp is growing rapidly in becoming a go-to medium for communication and now to facilitate the businesses, the company plans to introduce verified accounts.

The company announced this development in its blog post revealing that like Facebook, WhatsApp will also enable a feature for the users to create a verified account.

The verified accounts will have a green tick just like the blue tick on Facebook. This green badge next to the contact’s name would mean that the company has confirmed that the number belongs to a business account.

So how will a person be sure that the account is being used by a business? The company will let the users know via yellow message when he/she will start talking to the business.

For quite some time, WhatsApp has been moving towards broadening its scope from the texting app to a medium for businesses to interact with its users.

As we have previously reported, the company plans to earn revenue by bringing the business and user together while at the same time ensuring that people are not bombarded by Spam messages.

Recently, the mobile application introduced various new features for the iOS users including adding filters to the pictures, videos, and GIFs.

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