WhatsApp Business Solutions

Facebook is finally ready to make money off of WhatsApp. The company is gearing up to monetize from its popular texting application by charging big enterprises for specific business tools.

As part of company’s plan to provide business solutions to small, medium and big enterprises, WhatsApp is testing the following two features:

WhatsApp Business App

The company has announced a new mobile application for small-to-medium sized businesses, but we are still unclear in regards to what this new app will do. The smaller companies will be able to install this app for free to access more business oriented solutions.

Enterprise Solutions

The enterprise solution, on the other hand, will target global companies to better reach their customers by providing them with useful notifications like flight times, delivery confirmations, and other updates etc.

Such tools would be more attractive for various big enterprises like banks, e-commerce sites, airlines etc.

The company has not yet provided any information as to when it will roll out these features to the businesses. WhatsApp will reportedly take its time to test out its business solution features before making it available its users.

Recently, the company has rolled out verified accounts, showing a green tick just on like Twitter and Facebook. This green badge will let the users know that the WhatsApp has confirmed that a number belongs to a company.

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