Whatsapp to let users change number without losing messages

Whatsapp New Features

Since Facebook acquired Whatsapp following deal worth billions back in 2014, the company has been experimenting a lot and has added several new features to the app. One that was specifically not welcomed by the users was the addition of stories feature to Whatsapp which now works side by side with the original text based status it replaced.

Facebook is also looking to introduce payments through Whatsapp but the latest reports suggest an upcoming version of Whatsapp will come with two new functions: Change Number and Live Location.

According to news regarding the new Change Number feature, it has already seen its introduction but only for Beta users on devices such as Windows Phone and for Windows 10 on Mobile. The Change Number feature will let you change your number without losing all your previous chats.

It will also be able to notify any or all of your contacts about the number change. A lot is unclear at this point but if the new feature could let you work with two numbers on the same device that could prove to be really handy.

Huawei’s newest EMUI 5.0 has, for instance, introduced a feature called the AppTwin that lets you use two Facebook accounts on one app and if this is a step in that direction, it will most probably be welcomed by the users.

As far as the Live Location is concerned, ambiguity prevails but if the rumors are true Whatsapp should confirm the new additions shortly. Both the new additions will be off by default and will have to be turned on in the Settings.

Whatsapp has a habit of testing any new features before rolling them out globally so it is safe to say that it will be a while before users can hands-on experience of the suggested additions.

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