WhatsApp denies reports of leaking privacy of its users

WhatsApp denies privacy criticism

Just recently, the technology experts had warned the users of WhatsApp to use this messaging app at their own risk. Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) compiled a list regarding the protection and transparency of data and criticised the features of WhatsApp.

According to EFF, despite using end-to-end encryption, the Facebook-owned messaging app still fails to protect the data of the users. This app backs up the data on the cloud, and this process is not encrypted, it said. Now, the developers of WhatsApp have denied this report and said that they are committed to the privacy of their users.

According to the developers, WhatsApp simply connects people with each other and keeps the privacy of the users in mind. The company says that it does not leak the privacy of its users to anyone despite sharing the data with the popular social networking website Facebook. The messaging app is sharing the data with Facebook to help people communicate with the businesses.

During the Wall Street Journal’s WSJ.D Live global technology conference in Laguna Beach, co-founders Jan Koum and Brian Acton said that they want to make better the lives of the people by helping them communicate with the big companies including banks, airlines, etc. They promised that WhatsApp will never spam its users and always protect the private data.

The creators of this app said that they had never asked the users for their names, gender, age or any other personal information. They said that the system of WhatsApp knows a very little bit of information regarding the users.

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The Mountain View-based instant messaging app has denied the claims that it compromised on the privacy of its users and said that the end-to-end encryption protects the phone numbers of its users from the cyber criminals. Moreover, all the calls, text messages, and media shared using WhatsApp is also end-to-end encrypted.

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