WhatsApp Hackers Looting Pakistanis By Disguising As Mobile Operator

A gang of WhatsApp hackers is active in Pakistan that is befooling non-tech savvy people very comfortably, blackmailing them and minting money.

The gang takes control of anyone’s WhatsApp by sending the user code or a link to click on. The moment the user clicks on that particular link, he/she loses the control over his WhatsApp application.

At least ten complaints have been registered by FIA Karachi Circle where people told that someone on their WhatsApp asked to click on a link for claiming a prize in some scheme.

In reality, that particular links is a malicious code or an app that gets installed on your mobile phone and sends your credentials to the WhatsApp hackers.

Once the WhatsApp gang takes control of the application and its data, it demands the ransom to return it, and in case of non-compliance, they threaten to spread your personal information on social media or spam your contacts list with some obscene messages from your messenger.

In most of the cases, the hackers-cum-blackmailers are using this old technique of disguising as a mobile operator for announcing a prize scheme.

The following image is very much self-explanatory where this sender is using poorly designed Zong’s branding for luring a less aware user fall into the trap.

Upon calling or texting on any of the mentioned numbers, these WhatsApp hackers would send a code and ask you to confirm that code as if it was coming from Zong. The moment that code is given, your messenger would cease to work and lock you out for several hours.

Although, FIA officials have contacted the WhatsApp team the only remedy to avoid such mishap is to block any unknown number that appears factitious and report it to the concerned authorities.

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