WhatsApp major update for Apple brings five new exciting features

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WhatsApp has just released its one of the major updates of this month for the users of Apple devices, featuring five new exciting features.

The new update is available for WhatsApp version 2.12.15 on the Apple’s App Store. Let’s take a look at the five brand new features offered by this messaging app in its latest update:

Video zooming: Are you tired of receiving low-quality video with very poor resolution and pixels? No worries, because WhatsApp now lets you automatically zoom any video so you can get a better view of every scene of your movie. Just like you zoom pictures, now you will be able to zoom the videos.

Optimized storage: The new update optimizes the storage space of your smartphone. This messaging app now automatically optimizes the images to use less space on your phone. Previously, users complained too much about the massive storage space that is always used by the pictures that users receive through WhatsApp. But the company has improved it now, and you can save as much WhatsApp images as you want because the app automatically optimizes the size of them.

Background colors: Tired of the same old boring background color? WhatsApp now lets you change the background color of your chat. There is a variety of solid background colors available to choose from.

File sharing from other apps: You can now share photos or videos from other apps installed on your phone, like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Microsoft OneDrive. It is a great feature and was long requested by the users of WhatsApp. People don’t always have files on their phone’s storage, a large number of Internet users store their precious files in online cloud storages, so it was tough to share the cloud data via WhatsApp. But with this latest update, users will be able to share files from any other app.

Meanwhile, the company has also unveiled an update to the Android version, but it does not feature the functions mentioned above. Android version’s new functions are PDF sharing, Starred messages, Chat clearing but keeping selected messages.

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