WhatsApp now lets you share PDF files

WhatsApp lets you share PDF files

WhatsApp users are finally able to share PDF document files. The company has the plan to add support for sharing other document files as well, such as Doc, Docx, RTF etc. It was a much-awaited feature for the users of this messaging app.

The company has not officially announced the feature, but the users already see the new icon in their application, which allows sharing of PDF files.

Previously, users rely on email or other messaging services, such as Telegram, to share PDF files. The new feature will absolutely increase the users of WhatsApp.

Facebook-owned messaging service recently announced that it is going to introduce a lot of great and exciting new features in coming days, and for this purpose, the company might end support for some of the older mobile platforms as they are not compatible with the new features.

How to share PDF files using WhatsApp

To share a PDF file, launch WhatsApp, simply tap any contact, hit the attachment icon, and select “Document”. The app will automatically find PDF document files in your phone and list them. Choose the file you want to share and hit “Send” button. Please note that you cannot share PDF file if the receiver has not downloaded the latest version of WhatsApp.

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