WhatsApp Allows You To Play YouTube Videos Without Leaving The Messenger

There is another feature for recording voice in WhatsApp which is even handy this time

WhatsApp iOS

WhatsApp is fast becoming the first choice for every internet user at least it stands true for growing countries like Pakistan where its free voice and video call is taking preference.

There are so many messengers out there and no one wants its user to switch the platform, and this is what makes room for the innovation. WhatsApp, now, wouldn’t let you leave it for watching a YouTube video.

Now, instead of redirecting to YouTube the messenger will pop-up a small floating window for playing the video while you can still chat with your friends. The Facebook-owned app has taken this step to make multitasking easy for it’s users.

The feature has been activated on iOS devices and an Android execution is on its way.

This feature is an update of the Picture-in-Picture mode for Video Calling that Whatsapp brought in September this year.

The second feature is an update of a former one that WhatsApp already has in it —- The Voice Recording feature. This update makes it relatively easy for users to record their voice messages on WhatsApp. Again iOS users are the first one to have it on their screens.

Earlier, users would need to hold the voice recording button for the entire duration of the recording.

But, after this update iOS users can record a message by tapping and holding the mic button that will open a UI window and users will have to swipe in the upward direction to lock the recording in place.

Whatsapp has broken its pattern by bringing these two new features to iOS first, however, these features will also be available on Android devices very soon.

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