WhatsApp rolls out Voicemail feature for Android and iOS

WhatsApp Voice Mail

The largest internet-based messaging service WhatsApp, which recently introduced its desktop app, has come up with the long-rumored voicemail feature to the iOS and Android app. There were many speculations that WhatsApp is about to add the voicemail service on its app, and now it is a reality.

Users can download and install the latest version of WhatsApp, which is available on the Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. The version number that supports the new feature is 2.16.229 (beta) for Android and 2.16.8 for iOS. The Android version is in beta, and it is presently not available to all users.

Previously, WhatsApp users were able to make voice calls, and if a request was not accepted, they had the option to send a reminder text message. But now, they will be able to leave a voice message if the recipient is busy.

How to send a voice message using WhatsApp?

If a person rejects or ignores a call, the caller automatically gets a pop-up notification to leave a voicemail. In the older versions, there was no such option.

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As soon as a call is ignored,  a button appears on the screen. A user can hold this button and record a voice message. Once you are done with recording, release the button, the message will automatically be sent.

If you like to cancel a recording, just slide your thumb to the right and it will delete the voice message. Unfortunately, there is no way to listen to your voicemail once it is sent.

WhatsApp is the world’s largest instant messaging app. Not only the ordinary people use it, but also the government and major agencies are using it for the sake of communication. The fully encrypted messaging app is rumored to be releasing a video calling feature in its next update.

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