Beware: WhatsApp Scam promises mobile app in new Colors

WhatsApp color scam

Have you recently received a new link on WhatsApp from family or friends, promising new colors for the messaging service? If yes then, DO NOT OPEN IT.

Whatsapp color invite
WhatsApp fake invite

Recently, a new WhatsApp scam is targeting people by tricking them into clicking a fake URL that that promises the users to use and install WhatsApp the application in various colors.

This website is redirecting people to blackwhats(dot)site which further asks them to share the link on their social media accounts or directly to multiple people/groups for verification. Afterward, users are instructed to install a Google Chrome extension on their computers and this is the part that can actually hurt them as the extension is nothing but adware.

Last year, the Ministry of Information and Telecommunications issued a Web User Advisory, in response to the Invite Scam revolving around Whatsapp’s new video calling feature. It was later found out that Indian hackers were sending malicious invites to hack the data of Pakistani users.

So, the most important lesson we can learn from such activities is that it doesn’t matter who has texted you a link or web address, don’t install an extension or mobile app if you cannot verify the source.

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