Class 5 Board Exam

Exams, one of the sacred traditions of the educational world are under attack with the help of technology. Yesterday, the class 5 board exam was leaked using WhatsApp, a popular messaging mobile app.

According to the details, the question paper of science was leaked from the examination center. District Education Authority and Punjab Examination Commission failed to enforce the no mobile phone rule in the exam halls as around 20 percent of them were not inspected, reports City 42.

The class 5 board exam was supposed to start at 11 AM but before the examination should start could start, the science paper was leaked. This practice doesn’t just cause grave injustice to the people who actually studied for the paper but also causes havoc as the ones who didn’t study at all would gamble their life by passing the exam via immoral means.

Technology is just a mere channel that is being used for this such crimes so it would be unjust to blindly bash the social media app rather we need better measures to ensure the credibility of the exam holders.

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