Whatsapp messages are not secure

We have all been in a situation when we sent the message to a wrong person but finally, WhatsApp will be able to help the people whose fingers are faster than their brain.

The popular messaging application is rolling out a new feature that will delete a message for every person involved in a conversation. The feature was in beta testing phase last month and finally its a reality for billions of people on the planet.

Currently, if a person deletes a certain text, he/she will only be able to remove it from their conversation while the other person can read it just the same.

Thankfully. now with this new update, the WhatsApp user will have an option to choose “delete for everyone” for any message. The company explained the whole process thoroughly on its FAQ page.

There is also a ticking clock with this new feature, i.e. the user has only seven minutes to delete or retract their message as after the time has passed, they are doomed to type embarrassing explanations.

Recently, WhatsApp also introduced a Live Location sharing feature where the user can share their exact location with any number of people for as long as they want.

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