WhatsApp streaming videos

Just recently, WhatsApp rolled out the video calling feature for its users, and today the company is adding a new service, which allows the users to stream a video even before the downloading is completed. Meaning, the users can now watch the video while it is downloading. This new feature is currently available in the beta version only, but the company will soon launch it for all the users.

WhatsApp has replaced the “Download” button with the “Play” button. This new feature of the Facebook-owned messaging app is very similar to that of the YouTube and other video streaming websites, where the users watch their favourite videos without downloading them.

Earlier, WhatsApp launched the video calling feature because its users from all around the world were requesting the company to start video calling feature. Some other messaging apps including Facebook Messenger, Skype, FaceTime, Viber, LINE and Google Duo already support the video-calling feature, now WhatsApp has also entered in the competition of the video calling apps.

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WhatsApp video calling feature is available on its Android, iOS, and Windows App. More than two billion people from all around the world use WhatsApp to talk to their friends or family members.

Just a few days ago, a scam was also popped up on the Internet regarding the video calling feature of this app.

The scam involves malicious messages inviting the users to activate video calling feature. The invitation leads them to a spoofed website which carries a malicious code. The exposure to such system could result in the submission of personal and call data which can be exploited and invariably harm the user. The purpose of Web User Advisory is to inform the general public about the ongoing scam, so they won’t fall prey to cyber crime.

We can see that WhatsApp is taking a keen interest in the video services, and we can expect some more features from this company in the future.


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